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Following the Shalizi Model for Blog Maintenance

My attempt to put up a web presence is negated by the fact that I don't make many trivial updates or statements; as a result, I'm less concerned with the immediate payoff of these sorts of writings and more about making a longer statement. My friend and colleague Cosma Shalizi pointed out to me when I started this site that there are two steady states for successful blogs:

  • those that are fast to update, have lots of constant yet ephemeral traffic, and have their spam problems mitigated by a quality comment model, and
  • those that are infrequently updated, have occasional yet consistent traffic, and have their spam problems eliminated by removing the ability to comment.
I've become aware that if there's anything I want to say, I want to think carefully about it first, and make it last in the end, mirroring Cosma's model. So goodbye comments and trackbacks; if you want to respond to anything I write, you know how to find me.